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We are developing an adventure of the DANCING PANDAS - saga and are hoping involvement especially from YOU! 

The game is in constant development and we keep on adding new levels,  tasks and content throughout the whole lifespan of the game and we hope to create a very long journey together with the community! 

Note : The current version of the game is Early Access

The game can be found on Steam currently at : 

We wanted to create a relaxing adventure game about spreading joy, exploring the natural scenery and discovering new elements and most importantly to help and receive help from others. There is also dancing in the game but not as a game mechanic. We want this game to be the one to jump into when you just want to calm down, rewind and feel good.


Discover new ISLANDS!

  • Currently two beautiful and atmospheric hand-crafted island levels
  • More islands added in the coming updates (The pictured Winter island coming next)

Travel around with your BIRD companion! Discover new TOOLS and items

  • The bird will help you with her special skills
  • Expand your backpack's toolset and your skills by discovering special rare tools

Roam around helping other PANDAS and ANIMALS

  • Help saving other pandas from the mysterious event
  • Also receive help from NPC's
  • Help out critters and forest animals in multiple ways

Join in solving the mystery of the ISLANDS and THE CASTLE.

  • Story that YOU have the chance to influence. What do YOU think is looming in the castle?


We are still in the Early Stage and in progress of developing the game further. Any bug requests, feedback and even ideas for the game are very welcome!

Join our Discord as well to see & influence on what features we'd be adding next : https://discord.gg/uNkdvJFpss
We can't wait to hear your opinion!

We welcome donations as well if you feel you want to support our cause.
- Thank you & Kiitos! :) 

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