FIRST LAUNCH! Are you ready for an adventure?

Wohoo! It's time to forget the evils of the world and join the adventure of Mico the panda and his bird companion!

We have just launched the first version of the game and will be pushing out new content and updates as we go along. No paid episodes, no purchasable hats and all that silliness but good old fun of just roaming around, enjoying the BEAUTIFUL scenery, ADORABLE animals and MYSTERIOUS story! 

We WANT to hear all your feedback, proposals how to make the game even BETTER and even more awesome! Any bugs, ideas or new animation moves for our hero in mind? Join our discord where you could propose all that shtuff and even catch our game designers themselves for a quick blah-blah! Quick before the Discord gets overfilled, we can only answer a thousand at a time! :) 

Do go out and try out the game right now, IT'S FREE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY so get your copy before it is too late! See you in the chanting islands!

/ / The Panda Team

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Jul 01, 2022

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